One year is up

After one amazing year of traveling, short term missions, house-moving, snorkeling, hat weaving, cave swimming, volcano climbing, ruins exploring, spanish + korean learning, pro-bono-ing, food experimenting, people-bonding, and camino-ing – my adventures of this kind have come to an end as I have returned to work 🙂 What a blessing it is to have seen and experienced so much in what feels like a short time. Now a new chapter begins!

Only a year went by but sometimes it feels like years! I feel changed from my experiences and life has taught me a few more lessons along roads less travelled.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from experiencing something great. Have faith that there is more to life than finding a good job or meeting the love of your life. There is a God who loves you – and He wants you to get to know Him too.



Camino de Santiago – packing list

I have no idea what the ideal weight my bag should be – but right now it feels too heavy to my liking at 16 pounds. After doing some research on other people’s blogs and articles, I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

  • 2 wigwam socks (quick drying)
  • 2 sock liners (one of them is just shin length pantyhose, will update which is better)
  • 2 bras
  • 3 underwear
  • 1 pants
  • 1 shorts
  • 1 capris
  • 3 shirts (one tank, short sleeve, and long sleeve)
  • 1 sweater
  • 1 windbreaker/water-resistant jacket
  • 1 poncho
  • 1 pair of flip flops (shower and post-walk)
  • 1 hiking boots
  • 1 pair of rain gators (figure it’ll be raining quite a bit – avoiding wet feet are a must)
  • Toiletries (shampoo, contact lens+solution, small soap, chunk of laundry soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, small first aid kit, vaseline)
  • Camino guidebook
  • ‘S’ hook for showers
  • small bag for showers + groceries
  • flashlight
  • water pack
  • Sleeping bag
  • small towel
  • small tarp
  • extra shoelaces (can be used as a clothes line)

Feels good to write it all down – I guess there are things I don’t need but it would be sacrificing some levels of comfort. My brother did remind me that it’s not about what I’m bringing on my trip that will determine if it’s a ‘good’ trip – but what I make of it. So i’m there to walk, and to enjoy the road… but still – the lighter the bag the better!

*a note on grammar

I’ve been home for about 6 days now and have just had the chance to re-read some of these posts- and my apologies for the 6th grade writing. I’ve been writing all my posts through my phone so it’s been difficult and a bit time consuming to get my thoughts down via such a small device. Maybe I can also blame iPhones autocorrect? :p

I still have about 2 weeks left of guatemala missing from the blog, will update soon!

Sewing projects 1 & 2

My church is running a campaign at the moment called “Sharing His Love”. Right now it’s just within our community where we essentially share our skills, efforts and goods to others. It’s been really encouraging to see people step up and offer help – and also a great outlet to give things away. We’re using to communicate – check it out if you want to start something with your community or friends.

With that said, I’ve been asking around for unused fabric and got a ton of responses from the ‘aunties’ from church. Sure enough, I have more than enough to start some projects 🙂

I’ve joined a sewing class for beginners at Yee Hong, my grandma’s long term care centre.

Week 1 at sewing class: Apple quilt!


This other project was a for a friend’s birthday. She likes owls 🙂

Owl sketches and the final – a rough reunion with the sewing machine :S

A new adventure begins…

This is day three of my leave of absence…and I’m loving it!

July 6th, 2012 marked the last day (for a year) of work at IBM. It’s such a blessing to take this time off and I’m so thankful to my coworkers and boss who’ve made this possible.

Tomorrow I’m embarking on a new adventure – I will be on a short term mission with 25 others from my church to Phoenix, Arizona. I’m so EXCITED and NERVOUS but I look forward to God’s leading and working in my team, and of course the Navajo people. Check out more about the missions here.

After Arizona, I’m headed to San Francisco and Vancouver to visit friends. Also a good excuse to eat GOOD FOOD!

Keep posted =)

Hello world!

Check out why I’m starting this blog here!