Bucket List

Setting some goals to keep me from being a couch potato.

  • Work on a movie set
  • Collaborate on a song
  • Go to Japan
  • Eat at Jiro’s
  • Hike up Mt Fuji
  • Hike to the base of Everest
  • Go to Peru
  • Start a business
  • Make tofu
  • Go back to school
  • Follow a sheep herder for a day
  • Get married
  • Have children
  • Go to Korea
  • Learn a k-pop song and dance
  • Learn Korean
  • Learn Mandarin
  • Learn Spanish
  • Speak fluently in learned languages
  • Finish the Camino de Santiago
  • Work on an animation
  • Work for an animation studio
  • Write and illustrate a children’s book
  • Make something innovative
  • Lose 25% of body mass
  • Do a bike tour
  • Portage for at least 3 days
  • Go to China
  • Go to Australia and New Zealand
  • Try scuba diving
  • Live in a commune
  • Design my own house
  • Build my own furniture
  • Own a pottery wheel and kiln
  • Write a book
  • Have lasting friendships during travels
  • Learn bollywood dance
  • Ride a horse
  • See the glaciers
  • See the Northern lights
  • Own a brick/exposed piping apartment/loft
  • Learn how to fix a car
  • Get a scooter
  • Sky dive
  • Make a wedding cake
  • Work with film cameras and dark rooms again
  • Post work on Etsy
  • Get a t-shirt approved on Threadless
  • Make my own mobile app
  • Live on a farm
  • Make my own wine/cheese/butter/bread
  • Learn how to play a banjo
  • Play more current songs on guitar
  • Learn how to play cello
  • Go to a Coldplay concert
  • Go to a Civil Wars concert
  • Be in a band

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Thankful :D

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