November 30: Tikal – day 1

At 4am I am waiting at my door for the mini bus to pick me up. It’s advised not to wait outside, no matter how desolate it is on the street.
In the car are 6 other sleepy passengers- we don’t bother knowing each other until breakfast.

At breakfast, I learn that there is another bus with us- predominantly German girls fresh out of high school, and one American woman. The people in my bus are a bit more mixed – San Francisco, Belgium, Austria, and Spain. We make good company and the American from the other bus joins us- the German girls are a bit standoffish and cliquish… Maybe I was like that too at that age, I don’t remember.

After breakfast, we drive to a banana plantation. Its amazing how many bananas come out of one flower- about a hundred. we also catch a banana train fly by!



After another 3-4 hours, we arrive in Rio Dolce- a small town with a bustling Main Street with lots of vendors and ppl selling things at car windows.

We arrive in a park outside te city for lunch and take a tour around an old Spanish castle that was built in the 1800s. It’s actually quite beautiful, but it was used with different purposes throughout its time, including a fort, home and prison.





We have a filling picnic lunch of sandwiches and fresh fruit. Then we head for Flores.

It’s around 6:30 when we arrive in Flores- a quaint town with a lot of tourists. We check into our hotel- my first experience in Guatemala. The bathroom is my favorite 🙂



For dinner we head to a restaurant by the water. The weather is warmer here than in Antigua so we enjoy a patio view. It’s also happy hour. I get two Cuba libres for 18q’s. it’s enough to put me to sleep- and I did sleep very well!





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