November 26-28: stomach flu

On Monday I felt queasy and unfortunately came down with a stomach flu- possibly somethig picked up from something I ate or drank on the weekend. But life goes on, I went to class- returned, and slept from 12-7pm.

The teacher and my host family were very kind. My parents responded quickly and just seeing their emails or hear their voice gave me comfort. Host Mama also made me chicken noodle soup, my house brother lent me his pepto bismol, and when that didn’t work, my teacher recommended something stronger called yodocalores. You can buy them by the pill – 1q per one. I took one, drank Gatorade the whole day, and by Wednesday I was almost all better.


With the sermon in mind, I also spent more time in prayer… Maybe God prepared me for it through the message. I really also wanted to get better by Wednesday so I could confirm with the trip coordinator about going to Tikal- a 3 day intensive travel to the largest Mayan ruins in Guatemala. By Wednesday I was sure my recovery was definite by Friday so praise God for that!

On Wednesday, I also made a trip to the macadamia farm. It’s social justic farm that gives thousands of trees away each year to villages that need sources of income. And they also sell lots of products made from macadamia. We also got a free facial!






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