November 25: a day around Antigua

It’s Sunday – day of corporate worship. I did some research before hand and found a bilingual church called Iglesias del Camino. But before that, I look for a breakfast place and find one close to te church.


I head to church just before 9 and get seated next to a woman who lived most her life in the US but moved down to Guatemala in the last 4 years. The service starts – we sing worship songs in both English and Spanish and I’m impressed at how smoothly they pull it off. Being in a bilingual church as well, we sometimes struggle with the gap in languages i think. The message was over Matthew 7:7-8. I was reminded to continually ask, seek, and knock at all times. It’s easy to forget when things are going your way… But God is good and he shakes things up to remind us to rely on Him (look out for November 26 post ;))

After church, I stroll the city. There are lots of tourists at Central Park and live music is in the streets. I weave my way to the famous arc.


The textile shop is also something worth checking out. They also sell/swap used books!





It’s around 2 and i want to head to the sky cafe- a place recommended to view the sunset and volcan de agua. But I forget where it is!! And so my walk begins and I spot new things along the way…




I finally find blue building that represents the sky cafe and make my way to the top. I buy something to drink so I have an excuse to stay there and pull out my school materials…




At around 5:15, (not exactly sunset)- I remember the bagel barn has a movie showing. Everyday they have free movies with English subtitles in their cafe. Today it’s Y Tu mama tambien. I’m a bit shocked at the opening scene and about 60% of the movie but overall it’s pretty good. Along the way I have a conversation with a British woman in her mid 40’s maybe. She’s been traveling for exactly one year on her own. She had a corporate management job where every moment of her life was planned (one secretary scheduled her work and another scheduled everything else) It must have been quite a change- I’m amazed at her boldness to just quit but it made me reflect on myself- I don’t want to be without a plan or without a ‘base’. The people you meet in your travels can be fleeting. It’s easy to make new friends here but I find it difficult to keep them once we go our separate ways. Still, it’s worth it still if we can retain a close friend in the long run!


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