November 24: festivals and Pacaya

It’s Saturday- the day I climb Pacaya Volcano. I get picked up at 2pm so i have about 6 hours to kill.

I attempt a FaceTime conversation with my dad and brother who are in the states for thanksgiving. It’s good to see their faces and makes me miss home a little. Afterwords my homestay brother and I head to town for an arts and music festival for children. We spend a good hour walking around town without any luck. Just before giving up, he shows me a Taiwanese stall in the market that sells the sweet smellin pancakes, 1 quezales for one! Yum πŸ™‚

We head out one more time and finally stumble upon it!



My homestay netherland sister meets up with us- its her last day with us before she continues her Central American trek. She helped me a lot transitioning to Guatemala.


It’s 2pm and the mini bus picks me up at the school. I meet a guy who works for deviant art and we meet up with other tourists. Note: I don’t think it matters what agency you buy from- people in the van paid all different prices.
After about 2 hours we are a little ways up Pacaya. It’s a 4km incline and already a bit chilly. We’re greeted by lots of kids begging for everything including money, your shoes, marshmallows… They also rent walking sticks which i recommend.

After about 1km I am dreadfully winded. I must be out of shape, or not use to the altitude… Or both. It also doesn’t help that there are horses behind us and men telling us we can ride them if we’re tired. I give in. πŸ™‚







After 1.5 hours we ascend near the summit. I wouldn’t really call it active where you see lava but there are some very warm areas in the crevices. We warm ourselves in these because its cold everywhere else.





It’s so warm in the crevices, we roast marshmallows. Yum πŸ™‚


We spend so much time roasting, we miss the sunset lol. Our steep walk back is extremely dark but I manage without the horse πŸ™‚ great experience tho and would recommend!


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  1. sillyaah

    Looks incredible – love this post.

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