November 23: TGIF?

The day starts exactly as the previous- I’m starting to get in the groove of things. In Spanish class i learn more words, pronunciation, and how to say the time. After lunch, I decide to take a walk around town.

It’s another beautiful day. I go to BAM to exchange money- I’ve been told they have a good exchange rate and they don’t charge service fees- but you can only take out $200 per week.

I also make my way to a travel agency on the same street as Tecun Uman (my school). There are dozens of agencies but I was recommended this one for its prices.

I book a trip with them for a tour of Pacaya volcano. It’s $8 USD which includes the 2 hour shuttle there and back, a tour guide, and security. Not bad!

Once that is done, I roam the city an stumble upon San Francisco cathedral and ruins. The remains of friar hermano Pedro. There’s a huge emphasis on relics here- his clothes, scull, writing materials, etc are all on display.

I’m then lead by a really insistent employee to see the ruins- my Spanish is still pretty bad ad his English was non existent so he just did a lot of pointing to help me see things.





Afterwords, I continue on my walk of Antigua- more or less to Central Park.






I don’t think I will ever tire of seeing volcan de agua!


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One response to “November 23: TGIF?

  1. sillyaah

    Beautiful ruins…

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