November 22: Spanish 101

I woke up with a chill in the morning. At 6:30 I’m up and at 7am, my host mama Thelma has an amazing breakfast for us students: fresh papaya, pineapple and banana, yogurt, granola, chocolate chip pancakes and tea.

At 7:45, I head out with te other two students to class, it’s about ten minutes away.

I’m greeted by the manager, and introduced to Kathy- my teacher. Over the next four hours, I learn the basics. By the end, my head feels filled to the brim but I feel much better knowing more than I did coming in. We cover simple conversations like yo me llamo Myra… Yo soy de Canada (I’m from Canada), me gusta mucho (I like very much)… Yo tengo un hermano y una hermanas (I have a brother and a sister). It’s helpful stuff 🙂

Class ends at 12, and I use my limited Spanish to buy some mosquito itch balm from the pharmacy. I was so happy the person understood my broken Spanish!

Lunch is back at the house and its delicious again (I was half expecting rice and beans everyday).

At 2pm, my ‘sister’ and I meet her friend to visit the mercado (market) and there we spend a couple hours digging through second hand clothes (that’s where all our clothes get donated to…)
I see fun things like snow pants and Halloween costumes.

We head back at 5 and study more Spanish until our heads hurt again, then 7pm hits and its feeding time. Another delicious meal!


At night, my sister and I head out once more to get a drink with her friend again. We stumble upon a very rustic and European-like wine bar and share a bottle of red wine for 70 quetzals. That’s about $3 per person.

Unfortunately I wasn’t sure what the surroundings were like so I didn’t bring a camera… Maybe next time!


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