November 21: transition to Guatemala

At 9am, my mom dad and I left placencia via maya air to Belize city where we would fly out in all separate directions. My dad to Ohio, my mom to Toronto, and myself to Guatemala.

I arrived in Guatemala at 3:30 and was greeted by Julio- from Tecun Uman Spanish school. We set off for Antigua -about an hours drive from Guate. I was glad to get out of Guate though, the roads smell strongly of fumes and it reminds me of the things I don’t miss about big cities. One big difference is seeing men carrying machine guns outside banks and also kids hanging from the back of trucks on the highway.

At last we arrived in Antigua – it’s on the other side of the mountain and surrounded by 3 volcanoes. Quite a beautiful sight!


Now I am staying just a short walk away from my school at a host family’s place. Three generations live in this building along with 2 other students. One from Netherlands, and Taiwan.

I feel a bit lost without knowing the language- but it makes me really excited to learn Spanish so I can start speaking to my family here! :p


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