November 17: Ranguana Caye

Yesterday was another amazing day. The weather was sunny and perfect to visit a private caye- specifically Ranguana Caye. We rented a chartered boat that seated 13 of us. We rode past laughing bird caye onto an even remote caye about 45 minutes away from placencia. But oh what a sight. 20121118-203538.jpg20121118-203547.jpg
The sand is smoother, waters bluer and shallower, and lots of heron docked here- which means lots of fish. This was a perfect environment for snorkeling.
While my sis and i snorkelled, kayaked, napped in hammocks etc- the other guys went out fishing. Within an hour they caught 2 barracudas, 1 twenty pound king fish, tuna and yellow tail fish.

The most memorable was the snorkeling tho- just dipping my head in the water that was shin deep- thousands of fish swam by me. I even caught sight of two barracudas, and a small shark (harmless) on the shallow end! Further out is a large coral reef FILLED with sea urchin. It nearly gave me a panic attack when I found myself stuck between coral and sea urchin. But still quite a sight! This is really making me consider doing a dive before i leave…







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