November 13: real estate

We took a tour with some real estate agents because my aunts friends were looking- it was quite an experience!


20121114-072305.jpgCappucino and zucchini bread at Aboveground coffee house.

20121114-072323.jpgA Mayan woman called Elda was selling these. she comes regularly from the Toledo district because there are no jobs in the mountains.

20121114-072345.jpgA large property currently in development- looks like it has a lot of potential.

20121114-072354.jpgWalking towards the lagoon.


20121114-072448.jpgsome flora- lots of beautiful flowers

20121114-072506.jpgRural life

20121114-072523.jpgWalking towards the pond- we were caught in a rain storm. I felt like I was in a rainforest 🙂

20121114-072537.jpgwhat’s left of some chicks- possums are quite aggressive in these areas.

20121114-072551.jpgCacao fruit- u can suck on the seeds- its very sweet and the seeds become the cocoa beans i believe.

20121114-072614.jpgat barefoot bar- starving after our trek out I placencia

20121114-072625.jpgit was worth it!


About Myra

Thankful :D

3 responses to “November 13: real estate

  1. sillyaah

    Looks amazing so far, My!

  2. Bev

    nice! is that fry plantain in the last photo?!? mmmm 🙂

  3. its been a really great experience so far C! yep those are freshly fried plantains! they’re so good!

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