November 11: Water day

20121112-080705.jpgParents getting ready for our custom boat day. Mamas so cute!

20121112-080937.jpgSis and her giant hat- definitely needed against the sun.

20121112-081045.jpgOur pro tour guides, Ranee and Trish from eagle ray tours- a family owned business it seams.

20121112-081316.jpgBoated to a well protected cay
just 5 miles away from Placencia.

20121112-081416.jpgTested my water pouch for the first time, looks like it worked!

20121112-081625.jpgafter snorkeling we walk around the mangroves in search of dinner… Giant escargot (I forgot the official name)

20121112-082727.jpgfound a starfish along the way!20121112-081832.jpgwalking through the cay to get to the boat- quite a creeky walk across the swamp.

20121112-082035.jpg fishing with a simple line and sinker attached to a wooden plank- still works!

20121112-082155.jpgwe went to ‘Timmy’s restaurant’ and they cooked the 20 something giant snails we collected and 9 fish we caught. Snails were good but the ends werent very edible(sandy and looked like poo) What a good day!


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