Sewing projects 1 & 2

My church is running a campaign at the moment called “Sharing His Love”. Right now it’s just within our community where we essentially share our skills, efforts and goods to others. It’s been really encouraging to see people step up and offer help – and also a great outlet to give things away. We’re using to communicate – check it out if you want to start something with your community or friends.

With that said, I’ve been asking around for unused fabric and got a ton of responses from the ‘aunties’ from church. Sure enough, I have more than enough to start some projects 🙂

I’ve joined a sewing class for beginners at Yee Hong, my grandma’s long term care centre.

Week 1 at sewing class: Apple quilt!


This other project was a for a friend’s birthday. She likes owls 🙂

Owl sketches and the final – a rough reunion with the sewing machine :S