One month in…

A friend asked me the other day what I was hoping to gain from this year off. To be honest, I’m not sure. This is a year of experiments; to try things I don’t typically do, and push myself in areas I don’t typically go. But with an unplanned schedule there comes temptations of the ‘everyday’. My typically everyday is sitting at my computer, thinking of ideas but not actually doing them, watching movies. To sum it up, nothing.

But I’ve learned through various experiences, and most recently my missions trip to Arizona – that we should stop waiting and just do it.    Whenever I ask myself if I’m following the right path, I ask myself again, ‘have I loved the Lord with all my heart, strength, soul and mind?’ and ‘have I loved others as I love myself?’ (luke 10:27) If I haven’t, then I’m on the wrong path.

So I’ve made a few commitments…including signing up for Korean intermediate class at the Consulate. It was fun taking it earlier in the year and it’s free. Why not? Sign up here, and see if they have classes in your area in the GTA.

I’m going to keep myself busy, talk to strangers, learn new things, and of course, keep traveling! 11 months to go!



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